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Founded in 1998, Maxicrete initially focused on patios and driveways. Today we are a full-service site development contractor. Our founder paved the foundation of the company with years of experience in the concrete industry. Today Maxicrete is proud to say we are a unique and effective mixture of site development expertise with the help of our determined and driven superintendents and crews.


We have grown by delivering on our promises — and with quality and care. We are careful to conserve our resources. We give each job our full attention and meet each deadline through maximum effort.



Based in Solano County, California, Maxicrete is a General Engineering Contractor specializing in site development that incorporates concrete, masonry, water features and some metal elements. 


Maxicrete offers our clients, architects, and industry professionals the ability to complete the majority of their site elements with one contractor.


Three terms that describe the history (and success) of Maxicrete: Diversity, Teamwork, Consistency.



We fit our capabilities to the needs of the job. Sometimes we are the concrete contractor, sometimes masonry, sometimes the General Contractor. It’s that ability to fill several roles efficiently that keeps us busy. It also broadens our experience, as clients turn to Maxicrete with ever more complex and challenging projects.



Maxicrete is a full-service contractor. We self-perform most of our own work. This gives us control of both schedule and quality. As a result, we’ve become a contractor that can “get the job done.”



Even though we deal with a lot of variables, Maxicrete brings all the elements together seamlessly. We pride ourselves on our quality & consistency, no matter what challenges we encounter. Our knowledge and experience allows us to provide our clients with a professional experience, which allows our client to feel confident they have selected the right contractor for the job.


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